iAPI UK sends forms for you - free!A super simple API to send your site's forms

No login or fees, just a really easy way to send your forms

Our free service is a gift to web designers and developers who want a really quick way of adding a form to their site. It's free as in beer, like it used to be back in the day before everybody charged for everything.

No ads. No login. No spam. No downloads. No mucking about. Best of all, 100% free!

Add a fully working contact form to your site in 5 minutes

Need a working contact form, fast? Grab one of our ready-to-go example forms. Just add the code to your site where you want the form to show, add your unique iAPI UK key, and give it a quick test by sending a message. Done.

Web designers also use our API to quickly power contact forms for working prototypes and wireframes.

Contact forms with built-in functionality

All the usual features of a normal form are still available to you because we've already built-in form validation, Blind and Carbon Copies (CC and BCC), an anti-spam 'honey pot', and even file attachment support.

Look at all the features we've built-in:

A unique key for every email address

We concentrate on what matters, and only what matters. That's why we only ask for the absolute minimum we need to send your forms for you - your email address. You don't have an account, each email gets a unique key instead.

Worried about spam? Don't be, we don't send it. The email address is just so we can send your form, not for marketing.

Our api url is: https://iapi.uk/api (cool, eh?!)

Claim your free iAPI UK key

We made claiming your free iAPI key is as easy possible - just whack in the email address you want to send the form to and push the button. Your unique key will be instantly provided, along with instructions and example forms.